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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Carburetor Cuisine

That Lola is really something else. Freshly returned from Alaska, she
is up to her usual hi-jinks with her summer job. Apparently she drives
a truck that delivers luggage for children going to summer camps (the
high end camps that little silver-spooned kids attend). This company
she works for pairs up folks for each truck; one serves as the driver,
the other as map reader/navigator. Anyway, earlier this week she
had been telling me how she had heard about how some truck drivers
cook food in their engines by wrapping it up very well in aluminum
foil and placing it in strategic places. Well, Lola, being the adventurous
gal that she is, decided to try it! She and her buddy wrapped some
bratwursts and other delicacies, placed them under the hood, and
proceeded to drive around for a couple of hours (apparently the
minimum time food needs to cook in an engine...who knew?). Well,
she knew that the experiment would be successful when she and her
partner began smelling the brats through the air conditioning vents!
Sure enough, a couple of hours later, the feast was ready. Lola claims
that it was really good.....I will take her word for it. I may eat her
grandmother's cooking, but I think I will pass on veggies drizzled
with engine oil rather than olive oil!


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