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Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend wrap up

Let's see, what did this past weekend bring? Well, the return of
Annie to the restaurant, at least for now. As she is finally a free
woman, she is in the process of getting her life back to normal. But
she does live in a small town that is close to an hour away, so
personally, I don't think she will enjoy making that drive late night
for too long....time will tell. Sandra dropped in again, 2 weeks in a
row.....yeah, I was stunned! She is about to start a new job, hope
that works out for her. Michelle came in, simply miserable after
some dental work; she had to eat something VERY soft! The dear
Thompsons came in of course, to entertain and BE entertained...
mission accomplished on both fronts! Lisa and Peter also dropped
in, but I didn't have a real chance to chit-chat with them as the
restaurant was getting busy at the time. Lola called me from the
Big Apple. She and her gal pal/future roommate Nora, on a short
break from their summer job, were about to hit the bar scene. I
haven't heard from Lola since, so not sure if no news is good news
or what. Oh, and I ran into Francesca at the gym. Let's just say
she looked LESS than motivated - it was around noon and she still
wasn't really awake, but was there with her boyfriend in, as she
put it, "the beefcake section" where she feels "like a heifer"! She is
not fat by any means, but she does have curves; I am sure the
dudes in the "beefcake section" are quite appreciative of her visits
to the gym!


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