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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A lobster of color

This story caught my eye for a couple of reasons. First, my
husband and I are seafood fans, so between that and the fact
that I work in the food industry, food stories catch my eye.
Secondly, this story comes from New London, Connecticut, a
city I know very little about despite the fact that I was born
there. So a seafood story from my original hometown....yeah,
it's a reach, but what the heck! New London is on the Long
Island Sound, which connects the Atlantic Ocean to southern
Connecticut and the north shore of New York's Long Island.
Then, in the actual city of New London, the Sound joins up
with the Thames River. Various fishermen lay lobster traps
at the mouth of the Thames, as well as in the Sound itself.
Well, the other day brought a colorful surprise to one of these
fishermen. When pulling up one of the traps, the fisherman
discovered a 1 1/2 pound BLUE lobster....bright blue at that.
The man decided to keep it in a cooler rather than cook it; the
blue lobster was then taken to an aquarium in nearby Mystic,
Connecticut. The curator there, Catherine Ellis, stated that
only 1 in about 3 million lobsters are what they call "true blue",
meaning that their coloring is due to genetics, not their envi-
ronment. Apparently the blue lobsters produce an excessive
amount of protein due to a genetic mutation. Hey, I am sure
this crustacean could care less about his genetics and color.
After all, he was saved from a pot of hot boiling water just
so school kids and tourists visiting the aquarium could stare
at him, and maybe snap some pictures, all because of his
genetically "flawed" color....claws up for that plan!

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