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Monday, January 28, 2008


Quick updates. It has been a while since I have written about some
of my gal pals, so time to do a quick summary. Michelle is still
ruling at the cell phone retailer she works at. Good news and bad
news with her....she is NOT seeing the bozo that has mistreated
her so much in the past.....bad news is that for some reason, she is
still not over him. Let us bang our heads against the wall in unison
now.....AAGGHH! Oh well, other than that, she is in fine fettle. As
for Sandra, she is still at the job she landed last summer, while 
occasionally doing her stand-up comedy routine....and yes, still
single. Someone who is kind of sort of seeing someone is the one 
and only Francesca. She dropped by the other night after being
AWOL for a couple of months. She is still with the same boyfriend
(yes, we are ALL shocked about that one!), but as she put it, he is
on "probation". Apparently he has misbehaved lately. Furthermore,
her parents can't stand him (nor can her sister, friends, etc....maybe
a hint hint hint for Francesca?), so until he meets with her parents
and things improve, probation it is. She did state that since being
put on this probation, boyfriend is actually opening doors for her!
She has also quit one job, and is on the verge of quitting her other
one should this travel agency gig that she applied for comes through.
Francesca is really hoping for that, more for the discount airline
tickets and hotel rooms! Last, but certainly not least, Lola is still in
Seattle, but maybe for not much longer. No viable job has come
through for her, and unfortunately, no relationship has cropped up
either, although there may be one in the works. However, a return
to Alaska is very likely in the early spring if things don't turn around
soon. I tell ya', keeping up with the adventures of these gals is one
thing, understanding what is going on inside their heads another!


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