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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Green Card Shenanigans

You know, the holiday season is a time to remember and if
possible, to be with loved ones. But for some folks, it is time to
find that new special 'loved one', as in the case of this Russian
immigrant in California. A 24 year old blonde Russian female
living in Los Angeles had placed an ad in Craigslist about 2
years ago trying to find a husband in order to procure a 
Green Card. The ad read as followed:

'Green Card Marriage - Will pay $300 a month, Total
$15,000. This is a strictly platonic business offer, sex not
involved. Not required to live together.'

Immigration officials saw the ad originally but apparently sat
back and waited for the fraud to occur. The Slavic gal found a
taker, and in February 2006, she tied with knot with her new
found 'love'. However, earlier this month the fraudulent couple 
were arrested by immigration officials, charged with engaging 
in a sham marriage. The attorney of the Russian chick is
alleging that she had no idea that it was illegal to marry for a
green card; he sited the blatant language of the ad as evidence.
I just call it a case of someone being WAY too honest, she just
wasn't sly enough to engineer the scheme more discreetly, but
the gal is blonde, so enough said!



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