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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Beer can crushing - Aussie style

I just had to share this story with y'all, straight from that carousing
land down under, Australia. A barmaid in a town outside of Perth
has been fined $1000 dollars for exposing her breasts to patrons
of the bar she is employed in. Apparently, the talented barmaid
was exposing her headlights in order to crush beer cans between
them. The bar manager was also fined, I suppose for not taking
care of the crass situation. Another barmaid, from this very same
bar, was fined $500 dollars for helping her beer can crushing
co-worker to hang spoons from her nipples. Very enterprising
young ladies I am sure. I bet that bar is popular with the locals,
despite the police statement declaring that the fines "send a clear
message... that.we will not tolerate this type of behavior." hhhmm,
bet the barmaids in question get more than enough tips to offset
their fines....what do you think?

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