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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Put down that pot pie!

I shake my head as I type here - yet another food problem. This
time, it involves a typical Americana comfort food - Chicken Pot
Pies. Con Agra, who earlier this year had a recall of their Peter Pan
peanut butter (reported on these very pages), has stopped produc-
tion of Banquet Chicken Pot Pies at a Missouri plant after health
officials stated that the pies may be linked to salmonella cases.
Almost 140 cases, in 30 states, have been reported. Con Agra has
stated that the pies are safe if cooked properly; problems may
arise if they are cooked in microwave ovens, where the heat may
not be uniform, resulting in uneven cooking. While Con Agra did
not issue an official recall, it will give refunds to all consumers
who have purchased the pot pies in question. Something tells me
that once the CDC and USDA finish their investigations, we will
have yet another recall in the books.

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