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Monday, August 13, 2007

oh no, not again

I was making a quick check of the news today around
the various websites I frequent, and came across an
eyebrow raiser at Last week I reported
on an article I read about the blind guy in Estonia
getting pulled over by police who thought his erratic
driving was due to being drunk. Well, he was at it again
this past weekend, and this time, he was indeed drunk,
a winning combo with his blindness when it comes to
driving! This time he had 3 people in the car with him
who were giving him instructions; no word if they were
drunk as well, but you have to wonder who would get
into a car driven by a drunk, blind man! Estonian police
this time are not in a forgiving mood. They are asking
the court to jail the man for 30 days and to confiscate
his car. Y'all can be sure that I will be checking Reuters
to see if there will be a 3rd story on this character!

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