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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Introducing Lady!

Hard to believe my vacation time is winding down, these days
have simply flown by. The old adage 'time flies when you are
having fun' is oh so true. Of course, the best part about this
time off is being able to spend more time with my husband.
But we have also spent times with friends, and with our new
member of the family. Yes, the time has come for me to
introduce y'all to Lady! Lady is our puppy, approximately
3 months old. See, we don't know her age for sure. Hubby
found an online ad from a woman about 20 miles from our
fair city giving away a litter of puppies, Siberian Husky and
Labrador mix. We decided to go see them, and 3 of the
original 10 puppies were left, including the so-called 'runt'
of the litter. Well, of the 3 puppies, the runt was the only
one to actually pay attention to us, sniffing around and then
demanding a belly rub! Basically, she made us pick her!
Since that fateful day about 6 weeks ago, Lady the 'runt' has
doubled in size, gotten almost all of her shots, become
prettier and more adorable, and has even learned several
commands. She is super friendly; so far, she hasn't met a
person she hasn't won over with her exuberant charm!
(there goes hubbys' dream of making her a guard dog!) We
have even enrolled her in basic obeidience classes; the first
one went swimmingly! Once I can get pics from my digital
camera onto my computer and uploaded into this site, y'all
who haven't met her yet will get to see Lady in all her glory!


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