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Sunday, August 05, 2007

time off....for a movie

My gal pal Michelle visited me at the restaurant last night
and proceeded to make me extremely jealous - she had
just gotten out of the newest Jason Bourne spy flick
starring Matt Damon. She loved it, and get this, she didn't
even see the first 2 Bourne movies. I mean, what on earth!?!
It has been a while since I have been to the movies; sadly,
there just haven't been any coming out that have really
piqued my interest. But you can bet that I will be dragging
hubby to the Bourne movie this week! This week will be
divine, as I have it off; after tonight, I won't be back to the
restaurant until the second Wednesday from now - 9 days
off in a row! It is actually a good time to get a break. The
last few weeks have been rather hectic and frustrating at the
restaurant, with staff turnover and shortages, equipment
woes, and the ridiculous heat and humidity. Plus, the fine
local university will be back in session in about 3 weeks....
that means more folks in town, more busy weekends, foot-
ball games, get the picture! So it will be a
good time to recharge the battery, do stuff around the
house, take a few day trips, maybe a bit of shopping, eat
out occasionally...and yes, hit the Jason Bourne spy thriller!


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