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Friday, August 24, 2007

What a catch

Read a story in the other day from one of the nations
I have written about on several occasions, The Netherlands, but
this one was actually NOT risque or morally questionable....for a
change! A 13 year old boy was fishing just off the coast of the
Dutch town of Zierikzee when he felt a heavy tug on his line. Alas,
it wasn't a big fish, but a scuba diver who had been swimming
close to shore. The unlucky diver got hooked in his lower lip; a
doctor was able to remove the hook safely. I found this story rather
amusing as I had run across a similar story while living overseas
several years ago. A scuba diver in the Mediterranean Sea suffered
a similar fate, becoming the catch of the day for an erstwhile fisher-
man. The story became the butt of several jokes, but I bet that
scuba diver wasn't laughing!

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