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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Work and play

Well, this week I returned to the restaurant, after having 9 days off.
Let me tell you, that first day back was rough, more so because I
had to open, and that 5:00am alarm was a terrible thing! But I am
fully back in the swing of things. Strangely enough, nothing really
major happened, no new staff, no one got fired or quit, actually a
quiet week, so I didn't miss anything. During my time off I was
able to see some of my closer friends, such as the dear Thompsons,
Michelle, and Sandra. Of course, nowadays I am not sure if folks
are coming to see my husband and I, or to visit with Lady! So far,
there has not been a person she hasn't befriended, or a dog she
hasn't tried to play with. Yeah, and my husband dreamed of a
having a possible guard dog....NOT! Just an example of how
Lady is anything BUT....yesterday one of the local churches was
having their big annual yard sale. Hubby and I decided to go,
and we took Lady along. Part of the sale was actually inside the
church, so we were about to leave when one of the ladies of the
church volunteered to hold Lady while we browsed, which we did
for about 10 minutes (and found a couple of things to buy). Well,
in those 10 minutes, Lady befriended not only the entire church
yard sale staff, but all browsers and buyers. As my husband and
I were leaving, close to a dozen folks not only said goodbye to
Lady (by name no less!), but invited her back to next year's sale,
when she will no doubt be larger! hhhhmmm, wonder if they
will still volunteer to hold her then?!?!?!


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