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Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm back!

hhhmmmm, how to explain a month long absence?!? Was it just
a break, lack of blogworthy stories, time restrictions, or perhaps
writer's block?!? While I do have less time, with work, our new
puppy, trying to fit in an hour at the gym, and spending quality
time with my husband, I really have to attribute my neglect in this
forum to the latter....writer's block. Sandra sort of understood my
predicament, after all, she writes in her little spare time. Lola (who,
by the way, is in Seattle now....long story, will get to that eventually!),
suggested that maybe I take my blog in a different direction. And
Michelle basically threatened me, telling me to get going again so
that she can keep up with the zany side of news, such as that one
and only blind Estonian drunk driving man! (nothing new to report
on him by the way!) Anyway, I need to overcome whatever has
befallen me, and tonight is the first step to my way back to reporting
restaurant gossip, pop culture scandal, and news stories that garner
chuckles or raise eyebrows. While I don't see myself managing to
rant and rave in this forum everyday, it will definitely be more often
than once a month. I do need to report that Lady, our super duper
gorgeous puppy, is growing into a fine young girl. We got her on
June 30th; she weighed 11 pounds when I took her to the vet a week
later. As of last week, Lady was on the verge of tipping the scales at
40 pounds! And, according to the vet, she will probably get to about
60-70 pounds. Another 20-30 pounds....whew! But she is a good
girl, still WAY too excited and hyper, but smart and USUALLY
obedient! Anyhow, will catch everyone up soon on the latest adven-
tures of Lola and talk about the football season (my Dallas Cowboys
are 3-0 so far!), so stay tuned.


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