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Friday, October 05, 2007

Wacky stuff

I haven't been awake too long, just long enough to have
had breakfast with hubby, take out Lady to do her thing,
and then give her breakfast. So now I am checking my
e-mail and the news at CNN, and yes, I have come across
a couple of doozies. I am sure all of y'all have heard
of drug mules, folks who smuggle illegal stuff in their
luggage or even person. Well, we now have a new mule
to watch out for...Mr. Potato Head! Custom officials in
Australia found over 10 ounces of Ecstasy pills hidden
inside such a toy, sent from Ireland. While no arrests
have been made yet, the incident is under investigation.
A customs official did admit that while they were used
to odd methods of drug concealment, the Mr. Potato Head
was definitely "outlandish"! Gee, no wonder he has such
a goofy smile! And now a story that I could kind of
relate to - an Idaho woman trying to enter a Federal
courthouse was forced by security officials to remove
her bra because it was setting off the metal detectors.
From the video of her interview, one can tell she is a
'healthy' woman, definitely not an 'A' cup! Those who
know me know that I fall in the same catagory; I have
gone through many a metal detector, and my underwire
bra has rarely set them off, and on the odd occasions
it did, the security official simply ran the wand over me
and was satisfied. I am not quite sure why that was not
an option, rather than have the woman disrobe right then
and there. Did the security guys just want to get an
eyeful, or perhaps a jealous flat-chested security chick
seeking to humiliate a bustier broad? In either scenario, I
sense discrimination against 'D' cupped women. For shame!

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