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Monday, October 15, 2007

The dishwasher from Hades

Well, I am just chilling, resting up after a hectic homecoming weekend
and football game, which translates to very busy times at the restaurant.
Most things went fairly smoothly except that for some reason, we
have happened upon the dishwasher from H*E*L*L!!! This small, older
Hispanic dude got hired a little over a month ago to replace another
Hispanic dude who had disappeared; we had not been real keen on
hiring this guy, but after the other no-called no-showed, and with
concerts and games coming up, we figured he would be better than
nothing. WELL, maybe better than nothing, but not by much!!! He is
a complete whack job, nuttier than a Christmas pecan log. He claimed
that he was experienced, knew what he was doing, and needed no help
or instruction. But he is beyond unstable, and has been getting worse
as each shift wears on (he works only on the weekends). This past
weekend sadly made us all fearful that we would have to call the folks
with the straitjackets and rubber rooms for him. First he kept getting
into it with the cooks; dishwasher dude kept putting the clean dishes for
them to pick up on the line, where the cooks place the food ready to be
picked up by the waitresses. This left NO room for the cooks to place
food out. When they pointed out this 'minor' detail to him, he went off,
declaring that they needed to treat him with respect. uh, OK. Then it was
the waitresses turn to feel his wrath. When washing the silverware, dish-
washer dude was just racking them and running them through once; the
silverware first has to be soaked and then run through no less than 3
times. So, the racks were coming out simply nasty, preventing the
waitresses from rolling the cutlery. The gals would bring back the silver-
ware to dishwasher dude to wash again, an action repeated close to 1/2
a dozen times. Each and every time elicited a temper tantrum from the
Hispanic guy; he would curse in both English and Spanish, toss things
around and slam things down, all while shooting everyone evil, crazed
looks. I would have canned his short, sorry butt right then and there,
but without a backup, and another busy night coming up the very next
day, I decided to hold off. The next night he was only slightly better.
Some silverware actually came out clean, but during the huge rush,
when others tried to pitch in with the towering stack of dishes, he
chased them off....only to complain later on that there were 4
waitresses, 3 cooks, and only one of him, and he was doing ALL the
work. Dishwashing is not rocket science, a well trained monkey could
probably do the job. But this dude is too cocky, macho, and nuts to
do the job. In any case, our dishwasher from Hades is probably on the
way out; one of the cooks knows a guy who wants a part-time job
and is trying to get him to come in. Hopefully he will, and we will be
rid of that fruitcake once and for all, and not a moment too soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So remind me to tell you about fruitcake and what happens when he comes into my place of employment...

11:40 PM, October 15, 2007  
Blogger lilredpro5 said...

oh no....he has terrorized the cell phone
industry as well? curses!

9:48 PM, October 16, 2007  

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