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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


No, not the movie, nor avid music fans. This is about yet another
method of delivering illegal drugs. After reporting about 10 days
ago about a Mr. Potato Head being used as a drug mule in
Australia, our good friends the Dutch came across an even
more unusual drug mule method. Customs officials, while
examining a package from Peru, were shocked to discover
100 dead beetles inside, all stuffed with cocaine. In all, there
were 300 grams of the white powder, with a street value of about
$11,000 dollars. Dutch officials, who have probably seen it all in
a country where soft drugs are legal, admitted that it was "a very
striking method of smuggling. Well, I guess until the drunk blind
Estonian driving man of past posts pops up again ( and I really
believe it is only a matter of time!), I will just have to be on the
lookout for more astounding drug mule ideas. How about inside
some ravioli or other stuffed pastas, it would make marijuana
brownies look tame!

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