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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What on earth?

Stampedes. When you hear that word, generally you think of cows, bulls,
or other bovine creatures. But in China, that land of defective or poison
laden toys and food, stampedes are done by people. This past weekend,
a supermarket had a special promotion on rapeseed oil. People had lined
up in front of the market since 4:00 am of that morning. Well, once the
doors did finally open, people rushed through frantically. The result of
this madness - 3 people dead, 31 injured (7 seriously). 3 people dead
over rapeseed oil? I mean, I have heard of peanut oil, vegetable oil,
canola oil, and my personal favorite, olive oil. Obviously I am not in the
know of rapeseed, must be a staple of Chinese cuisine. It might be darn
good oil, but worth trampling people to death? sheesh

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