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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Get Real!

It's one thing to have the spirit of the holidays, it is another to
basically have them pushed down your throat. For instance, one
of the local radio stations started playing Christmas music the
day after Thanksgiving....needless to say, I am frequenting other
stations while driving. Then you have those folks who started
decorating the day after Thanksgiving.....lights galore, lighted
wire reindeer in the yards, the big plastic lighted snowmen and
such in front of houses, etc. etc.. Basically, on our street thereĀ 
are only 2 houses that haven't decorated, and yes, ours is one of
them! I generally wait until about the 10th or so of December,
so I will get in gear the first part of next week. We'll get ourĀ 
tree, decorate it with the lights showing out of the window,
put a wreath on the door, and we are done. I am actually more
concerned about getting my Christmas cards out (and yes, I
have already received 2!), which will be quite a trick this year
as I have lost/misplaced my address book. Thus I am scram-
bling to gather envelopes of cards and letters I have received
throughout the year, check phone book listings, and garner the
rest of my addresses as I see potential card recipients. Oh well,
I am sure the old address book will turn up....after the holidays
of course! Then I need to actually figure out who will get what
as far as gifts go. I have a couple ideas, have scoured catalogs,
and may actually get that done by the 15th or 20th. Nothing
like cutting it close! To those people who proclaim that they
have not only gotten their cards out, but also have completed
their shopping I say WHATEVER!!!


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