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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Goodbye Benazir Bhutto

After I got home yesterday from the restaurant, I
turned on the TV to check out the headlines on CNN,
as I do everyday. But yesterday I saw a headline that
floored me, the tragedy of it threw me down on my
sofa in horror, shock, and sadness. Former Pakistan
Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto had been assassinated,
murdered - killed. She had come home to Pakistan only
2 months ago, after several years of exile, to challenge
the current leadership/dictatorship in the January 2008
elections. I remember watching CNN when she did go
home in October, the throngs of adoring people, the joy on
Bhutto's face, and I remember turning to my husband and
wondering out loud why on earth did she go back? I recall
then saying that they would probably try to kill her, that
it was just a matter of time......I never dreamed that it
would be just 2 months later, but that it would be sort
of like Indiri Ghandi of India so long ago, killed in office.
Unless the Pakistan elections were going to be totally
rigged, there is no way Bhutto would have lost in
January, and then I just figured some Muslim fanatic,
angry over the fact that a woman was in power, would
cut her down. But despite the Pakistani government
laying full blame of Bhutto's assassination on terrorists,
I think anyone with half a brain knows what happened
here. It was the Pakistani government, the same one
that refused to provide her with full security and only
the BARE minimum of protective measures upon her
return, who engineered this horrible tragedy yesterday.
Government officials saw the huge crowds of people
everywhere Bhutto went, saw the adoration and support,
saw the political tide turn enough to realize that no one
would accept a rigged election outcome, and simply
took care of business. For shame....may those bastards
rot in hell. Benazir Bhutto, Allah Bless you and may you
rest in peace, you were a remarkable, brave woman in
not only a Muslim, but any world.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've got to return the internet to my house. This saddened me greatly. Thank you for writing.

5:47 PM, December 29, 2007  

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