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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Frustration and Fun

With the Benazir Bhutto assassination 3 weeks ago, and the 
subsequent fallout, I neglected to wish my friends and readers
a very Happy New Happy 2008! Personally, it could
have started off a little better. My beloved Dallas Cowboys, 
who had the best record in the NFC and held home field advan-
tage throughout the playoffs with a first round bye, blew it by
losing to the N.Y. Giants, a team Dallas had beaten twice this
season. I know it is tough to beat the same team 3 times in the
same season, but after the year Dallas had had, and the advan-
tage at hand, it could - SHOULD - have been a victory. Yet we
Cowboy fans have to suffer through yet another year without a
playoff victory, a streak that reaches over a decade now. Very
frustrating.  :(  On the positive side, we got our first real snow
fall of the year, much to the delight of my dollbaby puppy Lady!
(yes, she is still a puppy, despite her having reached 60 pounds
recently!) The Siberian Husky side of her definitely came out
with the cold white stuff; she was bouncing and prancing around
in it, attacking the snow balls I was throwing, sticking her nose 
in mounds of snow and tossing masses of it about. Lady enjoyed
the snow so much she was hesitant to come in when I called her,
taking her sweet time while looking back over her shoulder 
almost lustfully! The fact that most of the snow melted away the
very next day was, I am sure, rather disconcerting to my big gal!


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