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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Good idea.....NOT

In the last month or so, I have gone back to trying to find
unusual and/or whacky things online, be it stories or 
products. Well, I have a product to present from the site
Wallet Pop, one that LOOKS like a good idea, but in the 
long run probably isn't! Camileon Heels has come out with 
women's shoes that convert from high heels to low heels, 
without requiring the wearer to take her shoes off. The heel 
is engineered to fold when the wearer desires a more comfor-
table, casual feel and look. It is quite obviously aimed at 
travelers and business women on the go who don't have alot 
of time or baggage space. No need to pack a 2nd pair of shoes 
here is apparently the idea.  Sounds good?! Well, first and 
foremost, I would be concerned about the balance of the arch 
support. It would obviously change if the shoe went from a 
3 or 4 inch heel to 1 or 2 inches. Second, what if the wearer of 
the shoe doesn't bring it up from a low heel to a high heel pro-
perly (after all, we must take blondes into consideration!). 
She'll go to take a step and stumble instead, or worse. Last, but 
not least, these shoes by Camileon sell for around $300. I don't 
know about you, but for that price, I can buy 3 pairs of very nice 
shoes. And quite frankly, shoes don't take up all that much room 
in an overnight or weekend bag. So you pack a pair of fancy high 
heels, a casual low heel pair, and some comfortable tennis shoes
if room (and your schedule) allows. Done. A good idea in theory
maybe, but thumbs down on the Camileon Heels. 

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