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Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's a dog's life!

Hey, you just gotta be comfortable while 
eating and go Lady girl!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Only in New York

New York City that is. The other day I was checking out some
stories on the Reuters website, and came across this tidbit, 
about the most expensive burger in NYC, and I would dare to 
say, probably anywhere. The Wall Street Burger Shoppe recently
unveiled a deluxe burger priced at $175....that is NOT a typo!
Now we all know that the Big Apple is known for excess and
high prices, but this is definitely over the top. The owner of this
establishment justifies the price by detailing the ingredients :
Kobe beef patty, an abundant amount of black truffles, wild
mushrooms, seared foie gras, and aged gruyere, all topped with
flecks of gold leaf and served on a brioche bun. Well alrighty 
then! The scary thing is that the eatery sells approximately
20-25 of these pricey dish per month, no doubt to the well-
heeled, pretentious clientele. I love a good burger like most
anyone else (vegetarians excluded of course!), but forget all
that exotic stuff, give me some good old fashioned lettuce, 
mayo, bacon, a portobello mushroom maybe, blue cheese if I
want to get fancy, and I am good to go, all for under 10 bucks!

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

We all scream for ice cream

Sad times for all ice cream lovers. It has been reported that
Irvine Robbins, one of the co-founders of the ice cream chain
Baskin-Robbins, died yesterday at the age of 90 after a long
illness. Robbins had opened his first ice-cream shop in 1945
after being discharged from the army, using funds that he 
had gotten from his bar mitzvah. His brother in law, Burton
Baskin, opened his own ice cream shop a year later. By the
end of the 1940's they had joined forces, flipping a coin to see
whose name would come first. One of their corporate policies
was to allow employees to eat all the ice cream they wanted,
because, as Robbins simply stated, "I don't want my employees
stealing." Baskin and Robbins also decided to sell their
stores to managers, pioneering the concept of franchises for
ice cream stores. Robbins, who retired in the 1970's, once
declared that "Frankly, I never met a flavor I didn't like."
Personally, there were some flavors that didn't suit my
palate, but I severely miss the old Baskin-Robbins that we
used to have in our fair city. But perhaps it is best, I am sure
I would be having even more weight issues if Jamocha 
Almond Fudge, simply the best Baskin-Robbins flavor EVER,
was readily available to me! 

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