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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Time - the 80's and high school reunions

Time. Sometimes is just crawls by, the hands of the clock seemingly motionless. Other times, it just flies by at a screaming pace, and you wonder what on earth just happened, where did it go? I have been in the latter stage lately, ever since my high school reunion last weekend. I had missed the previous one, held when I was living overseas, so there was no way I was going to miss this. The turnout was a bit low, rather disappointing from the aspect that several of the folks who had clamored for a reunion and were talking about it on Facebook were no shows....very lame and uncool y'all! But those of us who did show up had an absolute blast! Some were a bit heavier, a bit grayer, maybe a wrinkle or two here and there, but overall, it was the 80's again - the DJ was playing Michael Jackson and Madonna and Journey and the Eurythmics and all of those 1 hit wonders that the 80's was famous for. We were 18 and skinny and loud and laughing, totally carefree, and I was driving my VW Bug convertible again. Time, for a sec, had stood still, because we were back in Mrs. Ringland's typing class (no chewing gum!), Mr. Agee's French class (or circus actually!), and Mr. Marino's history class (which I really should've taught, since I prepared the syllabus and picked the textbooks one year!). Pep rallies, spirit week, football and basketball games, homecoming - yeah, we were all there again! But then cold cruel reality set in as we pored over the old yearbooks and saw faces that we never saw again after high school. Whatever happened to him, whatever happened to her, I heard that so and so went through this or had that happen to them. And a tinge of sadness swept over, because those people were gone, out of our lives, and it wasn't the 80's anymore, time had indeed marched on. Time waits for no one, it goes on, with or without you. You do get gray, heavier, maybe a wrinkle or two, you just don't stay 18 and skinny unfortunately. But you revel in the times that you can have together, whether it be a reunion or something more impromptu, and appreciate that you are able to meet and get nostalgic together. To the HCS crew that did take the time to show up last week, thank you, I grew up with many of you, and have always, in my own way, loved you. So, until next time my friends...blast that 80's music when it comes on the radio!

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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Time marches on

I love the restaurant business, but there are a few downsides to owning a restaurant, even a small one like ours. Your schedule is grueling, 12-14 hours days most of the time, staffing issues, keeping costs down as much as possible without cutting the wrong corner...tough stuff. But the upsides more than make up for it. Almost endless choices of food naturally, the satisfaction you feel when you get a heartfelt compliment, and of course, the people. We get all kinds in here - college students, soccer moms with kids, businessmen and women, and of course, senior citizens. The senior citizens are the ones you really get attached to. 9 out of 10 are very sweet, just super nice and alot of fun. Yes, that 1 out of 10 will occasionally come in and try to ruin your day, you know the kind - the one just impossible to please no matter how far backwards you bend - too hot, too cold, too hard, too soft, too spicy, not seasoned can go on and on. But you keep smiling and then appreciate the nice ones even more, the ones whose name you know, who have their favorite table and/or meal, the ones who bring you flowers, or the ones that you even flirt with a bit (it really makes their day!)! The downside to all this fun? They ARE senior citizens after all, so when a regular doesn't come in for a day or two, you begin to worry. Many times we'll make a phone call, or will have a mutual friend or acquaintance who can check up on them, but on occasion, there is no resource.That is when you begin to scour the obituary page...yes, I know that sounds negative and morbid, but when someone is in their 80's...or is a reality. And unfortunately, there has been a number of occasions when you open up to that page and see that name or picture. I know death is part of life, but it never gets easier, even with folks who might just be acquaintances, because you just can't help but getting attached to the nice ones. When possible, I will go to the family night or memorial service to pay my respects. Such events are sad and make you think, but you must keep marching on - remembering those who left, making new friends to try to fill the void. So flirt while you can, you never know how happy it makes a 92 year old, or if you'll have a chance to do it again.