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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Elton John

I am about 4 days late getting this posted, but better late
than never! Hubby and I went to the Elton John concert
last Friday evening. I was in semi-shock that someone of
his stature was coming to our small fair city, but ecstatic as 
I got lower level tickets. Not as close as I would've liked, as 
you can tell from the pic above (EJ is in the lower left hand 
corner, on the piano of course!), but they were decent seats 
all the same. Elton John, despite his 60+ years, still has it -
he is a first caliber showman, still with a very good voice, 
and most of all, still having fun and enjoying what he does. 
You could just tell he was having a grand old time, which only
energized the sold out crowd; the aisles were full of people 
dancing for the last hour of the concert. He is still a great piano
man with great endurance; he went almost 3 hours non-stop
except for a few seconds here and there to sip some water.
John played many of his classics - 'Daniel', 'Sacrifice', 'Don't let
the Sun go down on me', 'Candle in the Wind', 'That's why they
call it the Blues', 'Philadelphia Freedom', and much more.
The only thing that bothered me was that the quality of the 
sound at the arena, that new one built by the local university at 
great cost, was very POOR, not giving Elton John's music or 
voice justice. Who on earth designed the acoustics at this poor
excuse of an arena? It's not bad enough that the upper level is 
set up so steeply that some people get vertigo going up there, 
or that the seats in the upper level are so tight and close together
that unless you are 98 pounds and short, you barely fit into the
seat and your knees touch the back of the seat in front of you? 
They couldn't get the acoustics right either? Were the speakers 
not adjusted or synchronized correctly, or just set too loud? At 
times, John's beautiful music almost sounded harsh; my husband 
and I both left the concert with a headache. We had a great time, 
thrilled to have seen a living legend live, but distraught over the 
abysmal sound system. 

Saturday, October 11, 2008

German Ingenuity

So last night ole gal pal Michelle commented to me how it had
been forever since I posted in my blog, that she was tired at 
looking at the perfect brownie pan! So at her behest, I am posting
a new picture for all to check out, and naturally, it has to one of 
the reason that I spend less time on my computer. Yes folks, a
pic of the one and only Lady coming up!!! But before I dig one 
up suitable to post here, I do need to take the time to applaud
those lovable Germans yet again. Two recent articles in the Reuters
website grabbed my attention. In the first one, it was announced
that 1000's of German policewomen would be receiving bullet-
proof bras. Apparently, it was determined that there was a slight
safety risk for women cops wearing bras with an underwire under
the standard bullet-proof vests. Hence new bras were designed
that contained no metal parts and had the look of a sports bra!!!
Secondly, the city of Stuttgart recently upgraded their medical
emergency service by purchasing 2 new vehicles for their ambulance
fleet. The 2 new vehicles? Porsche Cayenne SUVs of course! A Porsche
spokesman stated that it was not an easy conversion; a defibrillator,
ECG, oxygen supply, and other medical equipment had to be placed
in an overhauled interior. However, the Cayenne will get a patient in
distress to the hospital in style....quickly!!!

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