Not Your Everyday News

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hello...and Thank You

Been remiss in writing. I think that heatwave got to me, was feeling kind of tired, blah, low energy and all. Then, to top matters off, that storm on the evening of June 29th played major havoc at the restaurant, knocking out power for 3 solid days. (thank goodness it didn't go out at home!) I ran and bought dry ice once I lost power in an effort to save the food, but dry ice last less than 24 hours, and when the realization set in that my power was not going to come back soon, there was no more dry ice to be found. Losing 3 days of business and 11 refrigerators and freezers full of food was a huge blow, and my frustration with the power company was magnified as businesses north, south, and across the street from my place got power back 2 days before I did. I began to fret, wondering if my friends, acquaintances, and regulars would forget about my little diner after being closed for what seemed to be an eternity. But, my fears were allayed when we finally did get back open, my 'peeps' flowed back in, bemoaning the loss of our food, especially breakfast, and thankful that we survived and reopened. It was heartening to say the least. My thanks to everyone for all the moral support, and the offers by about 1/2 a dozen folks to use their extra fridge and/or freezer space if, God forbid, something like this happens again. I certainly hope not, but unfortunately cannot be sure of that after witnessing some bizarre weather in our region the last couple of years.