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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kind of combined the Halloween pumpkin with
Thanksgiving wishes....but hey, we eat pumpkin
pie on Thanksgiving, so it's a natural process!
Of course, for me, as my close friends know,
Thanksgiving is also about watching football,
as my fave team, the Dallas Cowboys, ALWAYS
play on Thanksgiving (as do the Detroit Lions).
Dallas will be playing the N.Y. Jets at 4:00 pm, so 
I'm hoping they come through with a win. They
should, as the 'Boys have had a good season so
far, and they traditionally play well on Turkey
day. Anyway, just want to with everyone a happy
and blessed Thanksgiving day, and go Cowboys!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What on earth?

Stampedes. When you hear that word, generally you think of cows, bulls,
or other bovine creatures. But in China, that land of defective or poison
laden toys and food, stampedes are done by people. This past weekend,
a supermarket had a special promotion on rapeseed oil. People had lined
up in front of the market since 4:00 am of that morning. Well, once the
doors did finally open, people rushed through frantically. The result of
this madness - 3 people dead, 31 injured (7 seriously). 3 people dead
over rapeseed oil? I mean, I have heard of peanut oil, vegetable oil,
canola oil, and my personal favorite, olive oil. Obviously I am not in the
know of rapeseed, must be a staple of Chinese cuisine. It might be darn
good oil, but worth trampling people to death? sheesh

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

This is progress???

I came across a website that I had not visited in a while, This site basically talks about new gadgets
and inventions that are a tad offbeat. Well, there are a
couple of innovations that caught my eye while browsing
this morning. First off, the Pet Washing Machine. Naturally,
this caught my eye since I have had a pet since June, and
let me tell you, washing Lady is an adventure. However, I
don't think my best girl will be anywhere near such a
contraption....ever. It looks like a cross between a front
loader washing machine and a large microwave oven.
You place your pet inside, pick the options/services you
want, put the money in the automatic pay systems, and
off you, well, off your pet goes. Does this sound at all like
those automatic car washes.....but instead of wax, maybe
you pick an anti-flea and tick spray? Anyway, I can only
imagine how traumatized most animals would be in such
a machine, especially the skittish ones. Lady, who is simply
the most happy go lucky dog ever, would be extremely
peeved and annoyed. Thumbs down on this 'invention'.
Next I came across an appliance that is just totally
American, one that may grace police station kitchens
across the land. It is called the Dough-Nu-Matic, and it
can whip out a dozen donuts in less than 6 minutes. It
forms, fries, and dispenses mini-donuts automatically.
Yep, American ingenuity at its best!

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Beer can crushing - Aussie style

I just had to share this story with y'all, straight from that carousing
land down under, Australia. A barmaid in a town outside of Perth
has been fined $1000 dollars for exposing her breasts to patrons
of the bar she is employed in. Apparently, the talented barmaid
was exposing her headlights in order to crush beer cans between
them. The bar manager was also fined, I suppose for not taking
care of the crass situation. Another barmaid, from this very same
bar, was fined $500 dollars for helping her beer can crushing
co-worker to hang spoons from her nipples. Very enterprising
young ladies I am sure. I bet that bar is popular with the locals,
despite the police statement declaring that the fines "send a clear
message... that.we will not tolerate this type of behavior." hhhmm,
bet the barmaids in question get more than enough tips to offset
their fines....what do you think?

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