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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

1894-S Barber Dime

Some of you may, or may not, know that I am a coin collector,
not a real serious one, but above average. I generally stick to
U.S. coins, mostly silver ones. My faves include the 3 cent
nickels (yeah, sounds weird, but they do exist!) and all Barber
coinage. Barbers are what we collectors call all dimes, quarters,
and half dollar coins minted between 1892-1916; the coins
were designed by Charles Barber. One Barber I DON'T have is
the 1894-S dime. Only 24 proofs were made, none for general
circulation. Of the 24 proofs, only 9 are documented to be in
existence. One of those got sold a few days ago by someone in
California to a lucky soul in New York. Lucky, and rich I may
add, as the coin sold for 1.9 million dollars. The 1894-S Barber
dime is considered by many in the coin world as the Holy Grail
of coins. I know I will never get to own one, but I do hope to see
one at some point, hold it in my hot big hand and just pretend
for a few seconds.....and then grudgingly give it back. Unless I
finally hit the lottery, then maybe I can get my own, right after
I buy the Porsche Carrera convertable and a beachfront villa!

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Girls Behaving Badly

So y'all know that most men, my husband included, have a 
thing for the television remote control. One evening not too 
long ago, while roaming the channels, hubby came across an 
amusing hidden camera show. Apparently when he was 
younger he was a big fan of 'Candid Camera'. Well, the show 
he discovered is similar to it, but with a twist. It is called 
'Girls Behaving Badly' and it stars 4 lady pranksters who 
pull rather outrageous, and sometimes raunchy, gags on 
unsuspecting victims. Some of the pranks are cute, others on 
the verge of indecency, and a few are just silly. But all in all,
'Girls Behaving Badly' is good 1/2 hour of entertainment. 
You can find Kira, Chelsea, Melissa, and Shondrella, the 4 
crazy gals, on the Oxygen Channel, available on basic cable. 

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

it never ends.....

.....the food recalls that is. This week the FDA has had to handle
yet another food crisis. Castleberry Foods of Augusta, Georgia
has recalled more than 80 versions of canned corned beef hash,
chili, chili sauce, and beef stew. Apparently the meat products
have been connected to a botulism outbreak; botulism is a
muscle paralyzing disease brought about by a bacterium. So 
far, cases have been discovered in Texas and Indiana. Most of
the Castleberry products are sold as the store or generic brands
of many grocery stores. Equipment malfunction seems to be the
culprit of this latest recall; a Castleberry official stated "we 
believe we have isolated the issue to a situation of under-
processing on one line of our production facility...we have shut
down this line altogether and are recalling all products produced 
on it." Guess we just have to wait for the next food or other
recall, I am sure it will be just around the corner, since corners
keep getting cut on a regular basis.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

The curse of the moto razr

Spoke to gal pal Lola earlier this evening. Her plans to acquire
the iPhone were temporarily postponed last week, but in the
meantime, her current phone decided to cease operations. So,
as one of her good friends did indeed buy an iPhone, she had 
an extra phone to give to Lola.....a Motorola Razr. Now, let me
fill you in on my humble opinion on this matter. I am by no
means superstitious, nor do I believe in psychic stuff or spells,
but I kind of have to wonder about Lola and her relationship
with Razrs. This will be the 4th one she has had in about a 
year. Her first one was stolen, the second suffered a painful
death in a washing machine, and the third suffered an unfor-
tunate demise in the snow and ice of Alaska. So I really have
to wonder a couple of things - first, why would she take 
another one after her string of bad Razr luck? Secondly, I 
can't help but wonder what the Fates hold for this latest 
Motorola - perhaps it will be run over accidentally as it falls 
out of a pocket under the tire of some vehicle, or maybe it will 
end up slipping into some dingy toilet of a bar where Lola has
had too much to drink! 

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sounds like a plan! occasionally provides me with some rather 
cute stories. The latest one that caught my eye was titled 
"Jail break timed with guard toilet break."! Naturally, I 
could not resist. In Manilla, capital of the Philippines, 
7 men escaped from a police station detention cell by 
sawing on the bars (albeit very old, rusty bars) of the cell 
they were in. They were able to time their sawing with the
numerous bathroom visits the lone guard took that evening; 
the guard was nursing an upset stomach and had to make 
several toilet pit stops. It wasn't until several hours later 
that the guard noticed the damaged cell and the missing 
prisoners. What made it worse is that of the 7 escapees, 2 
were being held on murder charges (the other 5 for theft 
and robbery). Needless to say, the guard was suspended, 
as was his commanding officer. I suppose the possible loss 
of work will really make the poor guy's stomach churn!

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Another transfat free chain

Yet another fast food chain has recently announced that they
will go trans fat free in their cooking oil. Burger King is the 
latest to join the anti-trans fat trend; they even stated that
they had already starting using trans fat free oil in several
hundred of their 7100 restaurants and will do so in all of 
them. I am pretty sure that we are witnessing a positive
trend here, with all these chains announcing how they have
seen the importance of going trans fat free. Not to sound
cynical, but could it be that some of these companies are
enjoying the publicity they attract when they announce
that they are following more health conscious choices? 
Maybe one company gets jealous when another announces
menu alterations? Whatever the case may be, these are all 
instances where change is indeed good. 

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

work and money

I am just positively getting spoiled....almost regular visits by
Sandra lately! She has started a new job, and so far, it seems 
to be working out great for her, other than the fact that she
has to wake up at the very awful time of 4:30am!!! ick, yuck
Another one of my gal pals who has had quite a time at work
lately is Michelle. She works for the cell phone retailer who
just happens to be the exclusive here in town for the over-
hyped iPhone by Apple. Needless to say, her workplace has
been a madhouse lately. At least Michelle will have extra 
bonuses on her next paycheck thanks to the commissions.
And speaking of the iPhone, the one and only Lola called me
last night and declared that due to an unforeseen bump in her
paycheck from her summer job, she is going to go to buy the
iPhone TODAY.  I knew it was only a matter of time before
Lola broke down and bought it, she just can't help herself!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Yes, time for your history lesson! On this date in 1776, the
Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental
Congress by the 13 British Colonies in America. The Declara-
tion listed all the grievances of the Colonies against the
British monarch (at the time, King George III) and declared
the Colonies to be free and independent states; it was
unanimously endorsed by all the delegates. As the website
for the History Channel states, this event "marked the cul-
mination of a political process that had begun as a protest
against oppressive restrictions imposed by the mother
country on colonial trade, manufacturing, and political liberty
and had developed into a revolutionary struggle resulting in
the establishment of a new nation." Wow, I couldn't have
said it better myself, Happy 231st Birthday U.S.A.!

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Some odd food notes

Unusual food notes that I ran across over the weekend. According
to Reuters, McDonald's Corporation in Britain has announced that
starting this week, they will convert part of their 155 vehicle
British delivery fleet to run on biodiesel fuel made from their own
recycled cooking oil. It will start with 45 vehicles, with the rest
being switched over the next 12 months. The fuel will be 85%
cooking oil collected from the approximately 900 Mickey D's
around Britain, the remaining 15% will be pure rapeseed oil. My
question is, will the discharge smell like fries? On a more serious
note, Veggie Booty Snack Food has issued a recall of all their
snack foods due to possible salmonella poisoning. Veggie Booty?
Is this name for real? I was quite surprised to read the CNN
online article about "a popular snack food sold
supermarkets, health food stores, vending machines, and online
in the U.S. and Canada." As most of you know, I shop alot, hit all
the grocery stores (depends on what I need and who has specials),
but I have never seen a snack food with such an offbeat name....I
would have remembered 'Veggie Booty'!!! I mean, up until this
article, I just assumed booty was a popular subject in many of the
rap music songs I hear on the cook's radio in the restaurant's
kitchen, and trust me, the lyrics (those that I can actually under-
stand that is) definitely do NOT refer to veggies!

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