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Monday, June 30, 2008

1 Year!!!

It was one year ago today...June 30, 2007, out of sheer curiosity
to an ad we had seen, that my husband and I were united with our
then little, now BIG, beautiful baby girl, Lady! Hubby had seen an
ad about someone giving away puppies, Lab/Husky mixes. Ever
since we moved into our present home, we had explored the possi-
bility of getting a dog, since we had a fenced yard, and of course,
since we both loved dogs. Occasionally we would takes trips to the
SPCA to take a look, but it seemed like the majority of the dogs
there were either pit-bulls or pit bull mixes. Some of them were
good looking, but I have to admit we are scared of this breed of dog;
maybe they have a bad rep, but it is what it is. Anyway, after seeing
the ad about the puppy giveaway, we were curious as to what they
would look like, as we both liked Labs, and I thought Huskies were
pretty. So on Saturday morning, after breakfast, we took the 25
minute drive to a neighboring county JUST TO LOOK at them.
There were 3 left out of the litter of 10; all 3 were females. The trio
were chubby and very cute, but only the smallest one really paid
hubby and I any attention, coming over to sniff us, then rolling on
her back, asking for a belly rub. The owner of the pups explained
that the small one was her fave, how she had the most personality,
but how no one had wanted or taken her since she was the runt of
the litter. I picked the runt up, looked in her eyes, and knew right
then. That RUNT was 11 pounds at the time. Lady is now in the
vicinity of 70 pounds, and has changed our lives. She is our girl,
hopefully for many more years to come.


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