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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Kind of disappointing weekend. First, the Euro 2008 soccer
tourney is not going as we had hoped. Greece got knocked 
out first, and then Italy; the Italians lost a real heartbreaker
in the quarterfinals to Spain, on penalty kicks after a score-
less regular time and overtime. UGH.  Of course, being fans,
hubby and I will watch the semis and the final; the first semi
pits Germany against Turkey, the second has Russia against
Spain. Personally I hope Germany comes out the winner,
although the Russians have looked rather impressive. We 
shall see. At the restaurant, I had one waitress pull a no
call, no show for the second time, so she is out for good this
time; we had taken her back after she pulled this the first
time after hearing and believing her sob story. Then another
waitress gave her 2 weeks notice as she has some health 
issues and, unfortunately, a difficult family situation. So it
looks like we are about to enter another shorthanded
phase at the restaurant after going several months without
any employee issues. Not too surprising I guess, nature of
the beast so to speak! 


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