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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Take the cake

First and foremost, I need to wish a very happy birthday to one of my
gal pals, Michelle! Hope she has a fantastic day! Also need to wish a 
belated birthday to another gal pal, Lola. As she seems to rotate 
between Alaska, Seattle, and Colorado, I can't seem to keep up with
Lola, and in this case, her big day, but I hope she had a good one 
nonetheless! I really need to get my address/important dates book
more organized; I know another friend of mine has a birthday coming
up this summer, just have to remember who and when!  Two nice 
folks that I need to add to my inner circle cluster are a sweet couple 
that frequent the restaurant, I'll call them Keith and Amy here. They 
are about my age (a rare thing indeed when it comes to my inner 
circle!) and are very likable, other than the fact that they just adopted 
a kitten - yes, I know kittens are cute, but the problem is that they 
grow up to be cats! But we can overlook this minor technicality and try 
to ignore my dog (as in Lady!) bias! Anyway, Keith is a computer dude,
like my hubby, while Amy manages the areas largest oral surgery
practice. Hence she is forever offering up dental do's and don'ts! The
funniest thing is when she notices a restaurant staff member or
customer who in some way is dentally challenged and starts remarking
about #9 or #11. I learned that dentists number each tooth; my dentist,
for instance, every year when I go for my checkup, takes a long look at 
#14, as it is a tooth that he feels could be problematic. Every year, #14
gets x-rayed, and every year he says we'll just keep an eye on it and
check it next time. I have my yearly appointment in July, so I am sure
the focus will be on #14 again! The good thing about #14 is that is in
the back, not visible. The teeth that Amy comments on, such as #10,
are front teeth and hard to miss.....if they are not actually missing
that is! And unfortunately the restaurant is staffed/frequented by 
more than a few folks with dental issues, keeping Amy's commentary
flowing while poor Keith just shakes his head....oh, look at #8!!!


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