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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Old friends and new

What can I say? Not sure really, it just seems that my endless
fountain of news, gossip, wit, and unusual things occasionally
somehow run on the borderline of dry. Does that mean that
my restaurant cast of characters or gal pals have suddenly
become run of the mill? uuummmm......NOT!!! I have one
waitress fretting over her son being arrested AGAIN, another
waitress who is supposedly attending classes as to how to lead
a drug-free life testing positive with a random drug test she was
subjected to, and a cook whose automobile-related run ins with
the police continue to accumulate. As far as my friends go, Lola
is back in Alaska, Michelle claims that this time she is DONE 
with the ex-loser boyfriend, Sandra is less than impressed with 
my matchmaking efforts for her, and Francesca is, well, simply
Francesca, her drama filled life confounding all who know her!
And I have a couple of new gal pals to add to the crew, a married 
mom of 3 that I will call Hillary here (no, NOT Clinton!), and a
chick I'll call Carly here, who brings her blind dates to the
restaurant in order to feel safe and be surrounded by folks she
knows in case the situation needs a quick remedy! Hillary, who is
not just a soccer mom, but has 2 other sports to deal with as well,
 is living proof of why I decided against having kids, she averages
about 3 hours of sleep a day due to all a life revolving around 
not 1, not 2, but 3 preteens. Carly, after 4 failed adventures, seems
to have hit the mother lode with date #5.....they are officially a
couple now, so good luck to her....and to our the soccer mom!


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