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Sunday, February 17, 2008

hindsight - always 20/20

It is one of the oldest cliches ever, hindsight is 20/20 vision.
And it is so so true. My husband and I decided to have our
big puppy girl, Lady, spayed. We had heard from several 
folks and read numerous writings about the benefit of having
such a procedure done. Inexperienced in such matters, we
decided to go ahead with it. To put it simply and mildly, we
are besides ourselves, almost desperate with regret. Lady is
so sad in this week since she was spayed. She has had to wear
a lampshade-shaped plastic collar that she hates with all her
might; she has already destroyed one and the 2nd one is
hanging on by a thread. Her physical activity has been 
severely curtailed, as the vet said she cannot jump, run, go
up and down stairs, or any other activities that are normal
for her. Hence, Lady is bored and miserable. Her saucy, cocky, 
crazy spirit is not even 1/2 of what is normally is. Everyone 
has been trying to reassure me that once the 2 week period 
is over and she can take off the lampshade and do her usual
physical antics, she will be fine and back to normal. But 
watching and spending time with her this past week, and 
knowing we have one more week of this to go, has broken
hubby's and my hearts. Lady, we are so so so sorry to have
had this done to you, if we had any idea of the true reality, 
we never would've have gone through with it. We are just 
so sorry and love you even more Lady, we'll never let you
be hurt again baby girl. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You did the right thing. Surgery is never easy but the outcome, keeping the dog population at a level that gets cared for, is worth the temporary surgery malaise.
Millions of unwanted dogs, the product of unplanned litters, are killed every year. That is something to be sad about.

7:30 PM, February 17, 2008  
Blogger freedominalaska said...

did the pooch ever get over the donut of shame?

3:00 AM, March 03, 2008  
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