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Saturday, February 16, 2008

WAY too much time on hands!

There are all kinds of folks out there, including those who stress
and obsess with every little thing. Alot of these people are just
anal-retentive, while others simply have a boatload of time on 
their hands; many of such people then, either intentionally or
not, make the lives of normal folks a bit more interesting 
(if for nothing else, to make fun of the crazy nitpickers!) Prime
example - a man in Poland received a letter on January 3 that 
had been dispatched December 20. Believe it or not, it had been 
sent priority. In any case, the gentleman who received the tardy 
mail made calculations about the actual time it took to get his 
letter. He came up with the conclusion that a snail moved faster 
than the Polish postal service. It took 294 hours for the letter to
arrive, and had to travel 11.1 kilometers. Given the distance and
the time, the letter traveled at the scorching speed of 0.03775
kilometers per hour; a garden snail was timed at the lightening
pace of 0.048 kilometers per hour. Hence your proof, mail in
Poland moves as slow as snails, or in this case, even slower!

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