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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Waitstaff follies

I have been remiss in my introduce you to new players and
characters in the never ending restaurant soap opera. Besides the fact
that we have had a couple waitresses get pregnant, take time off, and
dutifully return to work, we have had several comings and goings staff
wise. Keisha, the white ghetto fab waitress chick, and a good friend of 
mine, left a few months ago because she was unable to find reliable 
babysitting for her non-school age children. So how is she earning funds 
now? By....babysitting!!! Actually, she makes a good amount of her living 
by babysitting children of the waitresses who got knocked up (see 
above!). I do miss Keisha though - fortunately we talk on the phone and 
she drops by every once in a while to shoot the bull. Meanwhile we have 
hired several new waitstaff gals, one who used to work with Brandy in 
the past and has been a real find; she actually has no drama or issues in 
her life - she is married AND has no criminal record or addictions - kind 
of makes me wonder what she is doing at the restaurant in the first place! 
But all the other new hires have more than enough crises to make up for 
our normal gal. Two of them are admitted alcoholics; we did have to get 
rid of one of them after she came to work intoxicated on more than one 
occasion. The other is part-time, so I guess she is smarter, saving her 
drunken stupors for her days off! Recently we hired another lifetime 
waitress who has already become fodder for the rumor mill; I could 
really care less if everything said about this gal is true, as long as she is 
reliable, good to the customers, and does her job. Last but not least, I 
need to introduce y'all to a chick I will call Alexia here. She has been 
working at the restaurant for about a month now; I hired her due to need, 
and also as a favor to my gal pal Michelle, as Alexia and Michelle have 
been best buds forever. She recently moved back to the area after going 
through a divorce and other personal drama. Brief outline of Alexia - 
good waitress, pretty redhead, great sense of humor, albeit a bit on the 
sarcastic side at times (definitely NOT a drawback in my book!), mother 
to 2 small children, oh, and did I mention she is a lipstick lesbian? While
she refuses to even consider my theory, I must assume that her marriage 
was so bad and delusory that she just went to the other extreme; I will 
just have to hope that one day Mr. Right will walk in and bring her to her 
senses! Until then, I guess I will have to put up with butch 'women' 
dropping by the restaurant. Oh well, like we don't already have a multi-
tude of characters frequenting our establishment, what's a few more?!?!


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