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Monday, June 02, 2008


A touch of the sad and bizarre here. The inventor of the cans that
those way too yummy Pringles potato chips come in died last 
month. Fredric Baur of Cincinnati, Ohio had worked for Proctor
and Gamble as a chemist and food storage technician. He filed a
patent for the tubular chip container in 1966; the patent was 
granted in 1970. Baur was so proud of his invention (and rightly
so in my book!) that he had requested, upon his death, that a
portion of his ashes be placed in one of the cans and buried. His
family honored this, with the rest of the ashes being placed in an
urn and buried alongside the Pringles can. While I do have my
eyebrows raised a bit on this one, I can't help but wonder what
flavor can was picked for this solemn event - ranch, cheddar,
barbeque, sour cream and onion, or simply classic original?!?

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