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Monday, July 07, 2008

Weekend warriors

This past 4th of July weekend was not a banner one for the
restaurant. Business was a bit off as alot of folks took the
opportunity to go out of town for the long weekend, while
those who remained did fireworks/cookouts/family
activities at home. But that didn't mean that we didn't
have our share of dysfunctional hijinks at our dining
establishment. As we are bit shorthanded as far as night
shift waitstaff goes, we have been on the hunt for a few
good men and/or women. Well, we did rehire a young man
who worked briefly for us in the past on a part-time basis.
As the so called 'fresh meat' of the restaurant, he has gotten
endless scrutiny, mainly inquiries as to his availability and
sexual preference! And I must confess, one of my gal pals,
the one and only Michelle, is slightly smitten with him!
Good luck girlfriend! Meanwhile her best friend, Alexia,
who has now been with us for 2 months, has quickly
moved up the drama queen ladder; I foresee her firmly
perched in the top rung in just a matter of time! Recently
she broke up with her significant other, only to hook up
with an ex flame. In the meantime, she has had to ward off
the unwanted advances from members of both sexes,
primarily cooks, with a few customers thrown in! Last,
and sadly not least, I was compelled to call 911 last night
due to a disturbance in the restaurant by someone who was
obviously mentally unbalanced. She had come in once
before, about a year ago, but had left peacefully. Last night,
however, was a different story. I didn't want to have her
arrested, but it got to the point where I had no choice. The
situation was simply distressing; makes me wish there were
more viable and effective longterm solutions to help the
homeless and/or mentally disturbed members of our society.


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